Problems with recognizing DoubleUpDown control from WPF Toolkit in Test-automation Tool

Apr 6, 2012 at 4:06 PM

We are making R&D on Ranorex Tool, whether it can help us automating tests to our application.
The app itself using Infragistics NetAdvantage Contorls and WPF Toolkit and there's a great issue.
We have DoubleUpDown control from WPF Toolkit which is defined as a whole stack and all the properties regarding it, but Ranorex Spy pulls out a TextBox and Increase\Decrease Buttons, but puts them not in a sort of container, but into a form of a grid. This items TextBox and Increase\Decrease Buttons cannot be defined by us and this becomes a real problem, because we don't want to be bound to indices, cause the application is under development and thus those indices may change.
P.S. we tried to put this control inside any other as grid or DockPanel in order at least to have the way to it, but nothing helped. Ranorex Spy doesn't see them as well.

Ranorex guys say to contact the developers to improve their UIAutomation support for this control or try to inherit from that control and add the UIAutomation implementation for the inheriting control by ourselves.