Jan 12, 2007 at 7:16 AM
Carolyn April has a new editorial today for and at the end of the article she had a request to readers to hear what they think about CodePlex and Microsoft's open source strategy.

I think it would be great if CodePlex users helped her out, so I'd like to encourage people to send her some thoughts.

Here's a link and clip of her request from the end of the article:

On another note: I'm looking to hear from those of you who have tried to figure out or dabbled in Microsoft's nascent -- some might say weak -- attempts to stake some ground in the open source world. The company has CodePlex, its community development project Web site, and has released certain pieces of code as open source so that it's ISV partners and IT professionals can modify away to their hearts' content. But is this simply lip service, or is Microsoft genuinely in the spirit?

What do you think of Microsoft's open source strategy, such as it is? Write to me at