PHP Code used in Windows Forms

Aug 16, 2008 at 5:27 AM
I feel really stupid :P.

Ok i may be missing the point of Phalanger's Visual Studio "Forms" Template and extensions, is it possible to use PHP native functions like Date() mktime() etc. within the Project files?

I'm very new to .net and the visual studio in general, but i'm quite familiar with PHP.

For example i'm trying to have a windows forms application display an up-to-date time label in the corner, in hours/minutes and seconds.
I cannot seem to get the php native date() function/method to work.
I also cannot find a .net class method alternative to retreive the current time.

Using the Windows Form Template from Phalanger, how easy would it be to "Include" a pure PHP File (Would the PHP Source need to be modified?)
Obviously echo etc. will only work in console for example.

Also, I'm guessing the output in Machine-Independant across Windows Platforms?

Thanks for your help.