Help migrating ConfigurationView class

Jul 11, 2008 at 9:41 AM
i am migrating from EntLib 1.1 to 3.1. I have redone all the config files with the EntLib Config Tool and no problem. The only thing i am missing is this class "CnfigurationView".
I know it was removed in EntLib 2.0 but cannot find how to replace it.
Let me paste the code so u can see the situation.
This belongs to a SelfMade class, deriving from CustomTraceListener.


override void Initialize(ConfigurationView configurationView){
   ExceptionHandlingConfigurationView configView = (ExceptionHandlingConfigurationView)configurationView;
   if (configView != null){
       CustomHandlerData handlerData = (CustomHandlerData)configView.GetExceptionHandlerData(
base.CurrentPolicyName, base.CurrentExceptionTypeName, base.ConfigurationName);
       if (handlerData != null){
            mTargetPage = handlerData.Attributes["TargetPage"];
            mQueryString = handlerData.Attributes["QueryString"];

This code basically is used to use those 2 atributtes from the CustomTraceListener, but to do it i need to point the configuration file and that configuration section
Could you please lend me a hand with it?