Publishing the first release of a project

Jul 10, 2008 at 8:31 AM

I'm finally ready to publish my first release of the project 'Word Game Publisher', but I'm having a little bit of trouble and time is ticking (in next few minutes, my project will be cancelled anyway)...  This is my first project with CodePlex and I could use some help on the uploading process and/or procedures:

1. First of all, I don't quite get how 'cpc' works (how do you sign in the working folder in cpc anyway ?)   What is the difference between uploading files from 'Releases' from the codeplex user site and adding files (directories) via cpc command line?

2. If I'm publishing a full web application in NET 2.0 which includes css, and graphic files in addition to the source code files (c#, .aspx, xml,...), in which catagory should I upload non-source-code files as ?  And how about files in the different directories? 

3. I understand .sql files can be uploadable as source code.  Is that mean I can upload an example database file (.mdf) as well ?

Well, these are some of main questions I have.  I would appreciate any kind of help on this!