Release feature lost?

Jul 1, 2008 at 4:36 AM
I seem to remember that if you tagged a work item as being attached to a particular release, the release page for that version would show all the work items and their status. I found this incredibly useful so I didn't have to compile my own bullet points of features or bugs fixed. What happened to this? Could we get it back if it was removed? Thanks.
Jul 1, 2008 at 7:19 PM
We're going to be making some changes to the release page over the next couple of months.  There are some things about the page that we want to improve.

Specifically related to the list of features and bug fixes, what we've realized is it isn't the information most people looking to download a project are interested in.  Even for the ones that are, they want more of a summary "highlights" list.  So basically, it wasn't working well.  We're going to be doing more usability tests around this page to try and optimize it better, and some kind of a change log is useful, but seemingly not in the way we were showing it.

We definitely would like to hear more thoughts from people about the releases pages.  Since this page is primarily used by the silent lurkers looking to download, we're trying to understand it better from their perspective.