Rolling Flat File TraceListener

Jun 17, 2008 at 12:25 PM
I have created an Application which stores log in Rolling Flat File TraceListener, and it is perfectly rollng to the new date when ever data changes,
My query is;

    Assume that application executed on 15th June 2008, it is creating the log file with the default name specified (Eg:. Trace.log file)

    The next day i.e., 16th June 2008, it rolls all the logs created on 15th June 2008 to Trace.16-Jun-2008.log

    Logs created on 16th June 2008 is logged into Trace.log

    I need to be move 15th June 2008 log data to Trace.15-Jun-2008.log  and let the current day log be in Trace.Log file itself 

    I could not change the format of DataStamp in the properties give, is there any other method to do this, can any one help in this regard

I am using Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1

Thanks in Advance