SLK Bookmark

Jun 13, 2008 at 7:44 AM
Hi, I need help on how to use the bookmarking capabilitites of SLK.

Currently, I am using the API of SharepointLearningKit in my code and i don't know how to implement the bookmarking.
Its just that, when using SLK in sharepoint, when i closed the course on the second chapter then open it up again, I landed on the section which
I last accessed..However, when im using my own code, it always open the course on the first chapter even if I closed the course having the second chapter as the last accesed part of the course. I am using the sharepointlearningkit.dll and for launching the course, im reusing the framset.aspx of SLK.
Do I need to add any references or anything in my code so I will know what part of the course the user is once he opened his course for the second time? And also, the answers of the user in the questions at the course are not saved.

Hope you could help me in my problems.. Thank you.