flexbox search with realtime query appender

Jan 31, 2012 at 6:49 AM


First of all i would like to thank people behind flexbox autocomplete and importantly to mention is pagination within it.

I would be more thank full if some one could help me in solving two issues with this plugin,

results for autocomplete are  displaying but if a letter is typed say "g" it show all the results and highlights the letter "g" in all.Instead i need if a letter is typed in input box, the word starting with that letter should be displayed.

And if one more character is type in text box the drop down list is showing all the results with times appended to number of characters in text box.(that means same results are displayed with how many number of characters typed in text box)

The code i used  is

$('#ffb').flexbox('getdata.jsp', {
        autoCompleteFirstMatch: true,
        noResultsText: 'No results found',
        showArrow: false,
        showResults: true,
        maxVisibleRows: 0,
        minChars: 0,

case 1 for letter


case 2: repeatation of resluts if same letter is typed twice