Facebook SDK v5.2 /v5.3 - Beginner Please HELP!

Dec 7, 2011 at 1:04 PM

Hi there, 

I'll be honest, Im totally new to facebook development as well as a junior c# developer. 

Recently i started writing a small website that i would like to run as a app on facebook, but cant seem to make heads or tails of anything. I downloaded the FB SDK from Codeplex and played with it for a week. But still very confused. My website is very simple, composes of a Master Page, Default Page and a About Page (All with their respective code behind files).

My basic requirements are as follows:

1.  I want to do the "INIT OF THE FB SDK", "LOGIN" and check for "USERSTATUS/USERLOGGED IN" with csharp code --- NO JAVASCRIPT (If its viable)

2.  Either the master page or the default page must init the FB SDK and then start the default page.

3. EVERY page in the website must check if the user is valid/logged in and if not then log them into FB.

What code do i use, where do i place it (Masterpage/pageload/.....) and whats the flow????

I have looked all over the Net for a simple step by step tutorial or some well documented guide to achieve the above goal.

If anyone can help i will be forever great full.

Thank you