Aug 15, 2011 at 12:24 AM
I'm buiding a project with SharpDevelop 4.1 in 4.0 framework.
When I build the help file it crashes giving the following error:
Transforming reflection output...
  XslTransform (v2.6.10621.1)
  Copyright ¸ Microsoft 2005-2006
XSLTRANSFORM : error : The transformation file 'D:\Archivos de programa\Sandcastle\ProductionTransforms\AddGuidFilenames.xsl' is not valid. The error is: No se admite el idioma de secuencia de comandos 'C#'. [D:\Mis documentos\SharpDevelop Projects\Consola\Help\Working\TransformManifest.proj]
    Last step completed in 00:00:02.1875


Can anybody help me?