IIRF (Ionic ISAPI Rewriting Filter) is not working for me

Aug 9, 2011 at 10:22 AM


I'm starting with IIRF working with IIS and trying to rewrite url's with a .txt map (noticiasmap.txt), the file generated has a structure as follows (as example):

www3.prueba.es/noticia.asp?notid=86002&secid=4 www3.prueba.es/4/Text-on-change

My .ini file:

RewriteLogLevel 1

RewriteLog c:\inetpub\iirfLogs\iirf

RewriteEngine ON

StatusInquiry ON

RewriteMap  noticiasmap   txt:C:\Program Files\Ionic Shade\IIRF 2.1\maps\noticiasmap.txt

RedirectRule (.*) ${noticiasmap:$1}   [R=301]

Web in the IIS is working ok with IIRF (is up) but it doesn't change anything... any help on the problem?