Micro:Message.Attach doesn´t work when from is loaded

Jul 13, 2011 at 11:09 AM


I have a view "VNView.xaml", "VNView.xaml.cs" and a View Model "VNViewModel.cs",

The view "VNView.xaml" has this code:  Micro:Message.Attach="[Event DataLoaded] = [Action CambioAnhos()]"  DataLoaded="GridIndicadores_DataLoaded"

The view "VNView.xaml.cs"  has this code:  private void GridIndicadores_DataLoaded(object sender, EventArgs e){...}

The view model "VNViewModel.cs" has this code: public void CambioAnhos(){...}


The problem occurs when the view is loading, GridIndicadores_DataLoaded() handle DataLoaded event, but not CambioAnhos().

But when view is loaded works both, Is there a reason?