viruses. site not safe.

Jun 25, 2011 at 4:12 AM

Dear codeplex.

On Tuesday I downloaded your Terraria World Map Viewer. This is the only thing i've downloaded for a while on this computer, and my first visit to the site. 

A few days later, I see that my computer has randomly installed 'XP Antivirus 2012'. This is a dangerous malware program that scans your computer, reporting fake viruses in your system every 15 minutes. The malware also blocks one from accessing most programs on my computer, including your internet browser, all firewalls, and even my Control Panel. You have to get this malware from a download. As I automatically block strange emails on all my email servers. Fortunately I have went to college for computer science and I am not stupid enough to consider a virus called 'Joke.1608' real. This was actually the name of one of the viruses that It said I supposedly had. It also kept blocking my system32 and rundll.exe application from accrssing the internet. In case you arent aware, system32 is the folder necessary for a computer to power on and work properly, and it does not have any reason to be trying to access internet data. If you dont have system32, your computer will crash guaranteed, and you might as well trash it, cause if a virus eats sys32, chances are your harddrive isnt gonna take much more anyway. Im glad I found it and killed it before it got that far.

 I have been in the hospital for a couple days, and when I return to my computer, I find that it has literally eaten half my hard-drive, including most of my drivers for my programs. It wouldnt even let me boot an OS from CD, or use my system restore. I had to track it down with my Task Manager to even get to it to remove it, because it had blocked or eaten all other ways to do so, including my already installed av program.


Therefore, I will never come here again, and I will discourage anyone from fooling with you. As the malware will constantly ask you to "upgrade the software, to remove risks" with every error message it gives. To do this, one has to pay it money, and who knows what it would have done then. That is clearly an internet scam, and if I ever recieve it from here again, I will report you and you will be shut down.  Who knows, if it happens again, I might just send it back to you. Your site has to have a host server after all.


Very sincerely...