How to use net-snmp "-3k" , "-3K", "-n" options in sharpsnmplib?

Jun 10, 2011 at 9:20 AM


I am trying to convert the code which uses net-snmp exe's to sharpsnmplib in my program.

Am not able to find the equivalents of few options (-n,-3k,-3K) of net-snmp in sharpsnmplib.

1. How to set context name in sharpsnmplib?

In netsnmp, i pass it like "-n router1"

2. How to pass the key instead of passphrase in sharpsnmplib?

I just have the keys and passphrases are not available. So in netsnmp, i pass the keys directly using "-3k 0xafc.......   -3K 0x98c........". I don't know how to pass the keys (-3k defAuthLocalizedKey, -3K defPrivLocalizedKey) directly  in sharpsnmplib.

Am using the above mentioned options (-n,-3k,-3K)  in SNMPSET.exe V3.

As i am new to SNMP, any help will be much appreciated.