Optimum Architecture using SCSF-ADO.NET EF-LINQ-MSMQ-WCF

Jan 24, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Dear Folks,

Currently we are using SCSF / CAB for the Presentation and Business Layer, Microsoft Data Application Block for the Data Access Layer that supports multiple DB by writing ANSII standard query using Tables as the sole DB objects. We now plan to improve / switch the application to a better Architecture with the advance features of .net. Also I would like to mention that the application uses extensive mathematical calculations and renders huge graphics. Because of this, we need to cache all the data in run time to the memory to minimize the DB trip enabling the application to run fast and hence we need to provide the user a facility to synchronize the data with latest DB Table data (by clicking a button, maybe..). The existing scenario may be better comprehended by the schematic diagram given below:                                

Keeping the entire scenarios in mind we are planning to implement a framework where all the Business Entities will be ADO.net Entity Framework, the Microsoft Data Application Block will be placed in a WCF service, which will also contain MSMQ to automate the Cached Data updating and all the Data Manipulation within the application will be done using LINQ. The thought of using WCF is because in near future we may further enhance the application to support Web and hence the provision. 

 While designing the above architecture here are a few questions that have come up in my mind and are listed below: 

  1. Can all the DB operation be done using Stored Procedure and OpenXML instead of using the ADO.net Entity Framework?


  1. Can we implement the ADO.Net Entity Framework and all the DB operation be done using Stored Procedure?


  1. Implement the LINQ to SQL?

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