Problem regarding Prevention from Re-authentication of client for every method call

Dec 21, 2010 at 12:42 PM

Hello Sir,
I am developing a project based on WCF Message Based security with UserNamePassword Client Credentials and Binding used is wsHttpBinding.I have also created X.509 certificates and providing access to claims using Claim based Authorization.Everything is working fine but my problem stands on re-authentication of client for every method call and providing client credentials for every method call.I want to tell you that I have taken 2 buttons on the interface.Both buttons are calling different methods of same service.In one button I have passed Client Credentials and in another one I simply created an instance to call the method.When I click on the button in which Client credentials are passed it calls the method after authenticating the client but when I click on the button in which only instance is created it throws an error "UserName is not provided.Specify UserName in Client Credentials".I don't want to re-authenticate the client on every call of the method.If I am doing wrong provide me the full guidance on how to implement it and do take into consideration that I am new in WCF so provide me the step by step and complete help.I am not getting the way on how to provide the credentials of the client just once so that every method can be accessed after that.Please help me in this ASAP.Thanks