Booting sequnce for Marvel PXA

Mar 11, 2008 at 7:51 AM
The sequence of the boot for the 0x86 is as follow
1) board reset, goes into Reset Vector Address
2) RVA will start executing BIOS residing on board
3) BIOS will locate bootdrive (Flash, CF, SD card,etc) and run MBS, search for active partition
4) BIOS will run the Boot sector in the active partition
5) Boot sector will in turn run Boot Loader on RAM and load kernel image

The sequence of the boot for PXA is different num3 onwards because there isn't INT 13h ability internally. Correct me if wrong
4) Uboot need to be in the active partition for BIOS to run ? like a replacement to Boot sector code.
5) Uboot will in turn run EBOOT onto RAM and load kernel image (NK.bin) ??

Uboot replace boot,rom and load EBOOT which is WinCE bootloader and Eboot load NK.bin??