Change Role/User Restriction

Mar 8, 2008 at 4:37 AM
Edited Mar 8, 2008 at 4:44 AM
Hello all,

Newbie seeking the ability to create a new role that allows that role the ability to add a post or a comment, but is NOT allowed to delete a comment or a post.


Leave the roles the way they are, but deny the editors the ability to delete comments or posts.

BlogEngine.NET v.1.3
OS: Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium
Workstation OS: Windows XP Professional
No SQL Database (just the "out of the box" install)

I have a non-profit that works with adolescents recovering from addiction. We have a staff log where our staff writes down in a book how the clients did that night, how they felt, what they did, etc. This is confidential information containing names and information that i would never want to get out of our intranet. I want to replace this book we currently use with a blog. This is due to the need to have multiple people be able to read the log at once, and be able to know who wrote what by there user account name.

We use SBS 2003 which is why i want to use BlogEngine.NET. I have it all set up and it looks and works great, but i need the log to be un-editable to my staff. I only want them to have the ability to write about things, not have the ability to clean out my whole log.

Can somebody please help me out with this? Maybe i missed something, but i have looked all over the place for this and found nothing. The closest thing i found was this


PS: I have built a few websites, but have no programming experience so be as idiot proof as you can be with your response please.