Bullets and numbers are not deleting along with the text in Rich Text box

Oct 19, 2010 at 1:12 PM


Iam working with Rich Text Box in WPF. Iam using Rich Text box as word document in my application.I applied bullets/numbers to the  some text in Rich Text box.When I was deleting the same text,still one bullet/number is available in the word document i.e., in Rich Text box.

Steps to Produce :

1.Selected the Bullets or numbers from the tool bar of the merge document .

2.Enter some text and then select the total text with bullets or numbers and then press Delete from keyboard.

3.observe that text is deleting but for bullets/numbers,it is not completly deleted(one bullet or number is still available in the document i.e.,in Rich text box) .

This is Urgent requirement for us. Please, Give a solution for this problem