CodePlex = NuPack Repository

Oct 14, 2010 at 7:17 PM

It would be cool if each CodePlex project maintainer had the ability to upload NuPacks analagous to (but separate from) the source/binary release artifacts it already supports. You could turn all of Codeplex into a dynamic NuPack repository. Every Codeplex project that has a NuPack would be automatically included in the feed. Updated NuPacks would be immediately reflected in the feed.

Since the Codeplex projects are already uniquely identifiable by their DNS names, it could pretty easily take the host name part of the FQDN (i.e., the projectname from and treat it as the package name. This would get around any naming issues, since host names already have a restricted alphabet. If a project has several NuPacks, you could use projectname- as a prefix for each package in a given project or something like that.