Request for Stylized code views.

Sep 4, 2010 at 2:23 PM

This is a request for stylized code views.  Essentially it would require two parts: A Visual Studio add-in, and a setting associated to user accounts pertinent to settings file for their account (relative to their viewing preferences).

The purpose is simple, in Visual Studio, everyone has their own preferred code viewing preferences.  On one hand, one developer might like a high contrast view, in another, someone might prefer different types to be colored relative to what kind of type they are.

To that end, it would be nice to be able to provide a more rich experience to the end-user, perhaps the code viewer could have functionality similar to visual studio, collapsible regions/comments.  To ensure that this wouldn't overload the CodePlex servers, you could enable some of the data-wise processing on the client side through a Visual Studio add-in which compiles the pertinent data, and includes it as a portion of the solution. 


Just an idea.