Feb 14, 2008 at 5:20 PM

I'm new in the smart client and I'm trying to do a complex program and having problems to add the views, probably because of architecture design.

The objective it's exemplified on this tree in short terms:

SHELL with DeckWorkspace\
__________________________________\ViewB with ZoneWorkspace containing* a TabWorkspace\
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________\ view1 for tab1
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________\ view2 for tab2
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________\ view3 for tab3

The ViewB with the ZoneWorkspace contains other's workspaces, but to simplified, let's just consider the example above.

The ViewB and View1 to 3 are all in the same module.
And I'm having difficulties in adding the tabs to the TabWorkspace in ViewB.
The only way I've got to do that it's with a publication of an event for the ModuleController of the Shell with the view as an argument,
and on the subscription, I add that view in the TabWorkspace. But I'm not shore if this is best practice.

My doubts are:
Should I divide the views in different modules? If so how will I add the views?
Should I divide ViewB in 2. One for the zone and other for the TabWorkspace? If so how will I add the views?
Is it possible to add the views1 to 3 on the moduleController and how?

Can anybody share a thought on this matter?

Thanks in advance