SMS send and recieve in SharePoint 2010 ( SMS based online dictionary)

Jul 27, 2010 at 2:12 PM

How to save an incoming SMS in a SharePoint 2010 list and then process on that SMS and auto reply back with the matched content back to the sender ? Does anybody have any idea about this ?

Basically I want to develop a SMS based online dictionary .
User will send a SMS containing an unknown word ( for e.g. Spanish word ) to the short code provided by Website and then Short code provider will forward that SMS to OMS ( OutLook’s/SharePoint’s inbuilt feature = Office Mobile Service , with which you can send SMS/ e-mail alerts) Provider .

OMS service provider will forward that SMS to dont know to whom , I am totally unaware about this thing .. But from whatever destination that SMS may reach , it should be saved into SharePoint List . SharePoint List will contain a Wordlist and meanings of those words … then Search should take place where meaning of that word should be matched and then a new SMS should be generated and it should be sent back to Sender Number via the same path through which it was received.

Does anybody have any idea about my requirement and how should I approach to the solution of this particular project . My team Leader wants a POC of this project and not a complete project .. just for showing something to the customer ..

I have been searching for this thing since last 10 days or so and so far I have found no viable solution for this . I am a new SharePoint developer ( totally beginner ) and I have no what so ever idea about this thing . If it was in ASP.NET then I would have used web services and APIs given by various site and would have developed this solution .. BUT SharePoint seems to be an alien thing to me ..

I AM SO HELPLESS and I NEED and urgent HELP .. Has anyone developed simmilar solution in the past …