CSAzureServiceBusDS - Client

Jul 21, 2010 at 3:31 AM

Hi Everyone,

I want to set communication between WCF data service on premise with Azure cloud application.

For that I am refering sample CSAzureServiceBusDS in All in One Code Framework sample.

Code contains 2 projects

1. Client - To access WCF DS

2. CSAZureServiceBusWCFDS - WCF data service using entity framework for data access.

As per my knowledge for a client to access service we should add service reference into project, or create the proxy for the service and add its reference in client project.

But how this done in this solution ?

I had tried to use svcutil but it is not working ?

In the client project there is already  service reference... from where did it came?.. How this is achieved ?

How should i proceed to host client in azure portal ?

Thanks for the help !