Facebook wrapper / login question?

Feb 12, 2008 at 3:08 AM
Hello all,

I hope someone can answer this?

If I create a program (Im using Microsoft C# express edition 2008) Using FacebookService from the facebook toolkit (facebook wrapper), Does the user that gets my program have to login to use it?

I know when I run it (start debugging) I have to sign into facebook but my question will other users of my program have to sign in as well? Im thinking the answer is yes, but is the answer still yes if they are already signed into facebook?

Meaning a facebook user signs into facebook, finds my program and likes it if they open it will they have to sign in again to be able to use my program?

Hopefully someone can understand this question and help me out?

Because I also plan on having another login section to my program and a user may get tired of logging in three times just to use my program or should I say an additional 2 times just to use my program?

Thank you,