Visual Foxpro crossplateform CGI engine only

Feb 10, 2008 at 12:20 PM
Edited Feb 10, 2008 at 2:12 PM
There is different issues for programmers. The GUI / Desktop and/or the WEB. I have left a while ago the Desktop approach for many reasons (no need to argue here) but I do use Visual Foxpro as my "best for sure" CGI powerful easy engine. Of course I have tried other languages but Xbase Foxpro is really the easiest/fastest.
Why ? simply because I don't deal with company looking for trillions mega bytes tables, no need for complex data management, no need for mega servers in fact no need for much after all ! But don't get me wrong those companies are extremely successful and my solutions have thousands of code lines !

VFP is dead we know that now (finally) but who cares since the future is web based only solutions so I am 100% positive that a real WEB/Xbase Foxpro solution will succeed in the same way that other succeeded like PHP.

Most of web applications are basic and done "by a friend of a friend" or simply downloaded as free package. To create a web application you won't use foxpro anyways but Microsoft Expression (ex frontpage) or else. This will create the fancy part, html, javascript, Ajax ... but on the tables/databases management side what do you have besides SQL with connection, object to connect and so on "where are the simple : use client - append blank- replace - locate - seek ???!!"

The key relies in FOXPRO ! Yes FOXPRO ! Keep all the best and give it to the WEB using the Language/history reputation, let's focus on the 100 key functions we really need, create free tables, super speed engine, delete, append, store... connection with VB objects (like aspsmartmail) and the best (and VFP9 is enough) a "report print as PDF/RTF..." included.
Create this Engine as a crossplateform (Windows, Linux) and you'll see ! Foxbase was the success in the 80's try, launched vfpxweb and will see. Not much to do VFP is already used for the web but it needs to become a dedicated programming language for the web like it started for DOS.

Who can claim to be all in one for the WEB ! Language, databases/tables,reporting, look around and you will find "that solution" product but you'll need to install this one too and so on, ASP ok but wish database and with what Crystal report ?, or PHP with MySQL or Postgress and what to create reports ?, ... No other solution is better adapted for small / Medium web application today. Easy to maintain, 100% reliable.

If this is possible I believe we have a solution for VFP's future. This forum Web structure will be exactly adapted for direct Foxpro command use using foxpro database/table. ActiveVFP will be a great start a crossplateforme