Nework Access Infopath forms - creates active directory accounts

Jun 7, 2010 at 4:23 AM

Hi experts...

I am very new to sharepoint technology infact very new to I.T. development. I was assigned a task from my Project Manager to create an online sharepoint application that allows any user to fill an infopath form from Extranet website. it looks like following.

Step 1: Get authorisation from your Centre Manager
Complete the following details and ask your Centre Manager to authorise your access to the requested services:
Last Name:
Preferred Name:
First Name:
Middle Initial:
:Phone Number:
                                                                                                     (An email will be sent to the above email ID for the status of this application.)
Job Title:
Start Date:
<button class="xdDTButton"></button>
End Date:  
<button class="xdDTButton"></button>
    (If known)
Centre:<select class="xdComboBox xdBehavior_Select" style="width: 321px;" size="1"><option selected="selected"></option></select>
Centre Manager :
Centre Manager Email:
(Please change the work location details above if you are going to work in a different location to your Manager.)

When the user selects the particular centre, the centre manager and the location details automatically gets filled in from the sharepoint list. All other information will be filled in by user. When the user clicks submit the form is saved to a sharepoint library with necessary promoted fields. Based on the information received the workflow starts and centre manager gets an alert that a task is created for him to approve or reject the network application. If the manager approves it then the active directory account get created and the user get notification and on rejection an email is sentnotifying the reason for it. The organisation is going to use the infopath library for the auditing purpose.

I have almost completed the first phase of the application but having few issues with browser enabled forms. I am using sharepoint list to get the information for centre managers and centers. it works fine with the infopath application but does not work with browser enable forms. Any kind of help will much appreciated. If someone has a nice design structure for this kind of application or any feedback for this kind of application will be very much appreciated... Thanks in advance...