Audio Cutter in Silverlight

Feb 26, 2010 at 11:59 AM

1. I have created a audio player in silverlight.

within that player user is able to select a portion of song to save as ringtone.

but i got the time duration from .. but I have to cut the partial portion of stream or audio stream and save it to the server dick.

Plz suggest me how I can convert the selected audio time duration into the stream or byte array..?

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2. I have created a ringtone audio player in silverlight. Within that user can select a portion which can be cut and save as a audio file.

I am unable to save the stream to the disk.. it is giving following errors:

Error 1. Attempt to access the method failed System IO FileInfo OpenWrite

Plz help

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What are the use of MediaStreamSample & MediaStreamSource class in silverlight with respect to MediaElement?

Will it help in cutting a portion of audio file in order to create the ringtone out of a song?