SSAS (financial) parent-child dimension

Nov 14, 2007 at 7:54 PM

I really need some help from SSAS experts; I believe this is the right place to meet them.

I am having difficulty in creating a parent-child dimension from table structure below...

line_key ,
line_parent _id,
line_parent _name,
line_rollup _ind,

line_key from above is a surrogate primary key - which I need to join to fact table. line _id & line _parent _id has parent-child relationship. Across the table line _id column data is not unique and can not be joined to fact table.

I have created this dimension in SSAS, I got all dimensional roll-up hierarchies but when I browse the cube I do see the numbers are not rolling-up. At any level for any item I am getting same number.

I really appreciate your any help in this regard.