Handling TFS CheckIn Event at Client Side

Sep 11, 2007 at 1:33 PM
We are using an external application for managing tasks. As our customer was using Team Foundation Server they had a requirement to integrate the code items into the external application while Checking In code in TFS Source Control.

I have subscribed the CheckInEvent Event Type at TFS Server , handled the event and pushed the data into the external application database.
Now I had a new requirement asking to show all the tasks assigned to user while check-in the code and user should be able to associate the respective changeset to the tasks and check-in the code into TFS Source control.

I am not understanding how should i handle the Check-In event at client Side (TFS Client). Could any one help me in making me understand how do i handle the Check-In event at client side and invoke an executable with the tasks and sending the selected tasks to the CheckInEvent Webservice deployed at TFS Server.