ObjectContainerDataSource, FormView DataMember not working

Sep 4, 2007 at 12:25 PM

In my project i am using ObjectContainerDataSource Associated with FormView1 and nested FormView2,
But my Object Type which is binded to ObjectContainerDataSource has sub class property's .
Like say : Person Class has the property Address as object .........
I don't want to use any other ObjectContainerDataSource , Only one for one page..

I have Formview1 withen which there is another formview, say formview2 . So i want to bind the Address property to inner Formview So i did this

<asp:FormView id="FormView2" runat="server" Width="100%" DataMember="Address" DataSourceID=" Person" DefaultMode="Insert" DataKeyNames="personId">

1) But the property withen the Address object of 'Person' Class are not Binding and , There is an error as "Invalid view name"
But when I delete the " DataMember="Address" " There is problem but when I click on the Insert link the Address is not found error message is displayed in Browser.

2) When I click Insert Link of FormView2 Only The Address property should be passed in the "e.instance" not all person property's in "ObjectContainerDataSource_Inserted " event.
All 'Person' property's with Address property Binded.

Thank you.