Facing problem in using Silverlight Path Control

Jul 18, 2007 at 10:47 AM
I am working on a project using Microsoft silverlight. I am facing some problems and looking for your positive reply.
I need some a conainer controls (for Path control) which can hold other controls in them. According to my requirments I have to design geometric shape. and then have to add some other shapes(using path control) to it. But I am facing problems as path control is not a container.
One other thng is that when I draw some shape. I converts it to path and Data attribute of shows (Data="M87,143 L113,149 143,151 173,152 207,151 227,147 234,146 224,226 203,229 177,231 143,231 114,228 94,225 z") these type of values. I have to change the shape at runtime. Data attribute returns of path reutrns "PathGeometry" object in retrun. I diagnosed all areas of PathGeometry but unable to get those values. Please tell me that how can I get and chang those values in runtime.
Please reply me becouse this problem i delaying my project time line.