Error uninstalling Smart client software factory

Jul 10, 2007 at 6:39 AM
I have installed the following components in the order mentioned below.
1. Enterprise Library may 2007
2. GAX feb 2007.
3. SCSF june 2006.

1 . Please tell me if scsf 2006 release works with enterprise lib ( May 2007 ) and GAX ( feb 2007 ).
2. I tried uninstalling SCSF first and it throws the following error in that process.
the manifest file does not contain any entry for the guidance package smart client development or the manifest does not exist. uninstallation cannot continue

Please let me know how do i resolve this to uninstall SCSF from my box and also the correct prereq's and their versions to install SCSF june 2006 version.