ATLAS Webpage and Context Menu

Jun 20, 2007 at 10:10 AM
Hi all

We are currently working on a project that uses ATLAS and the CuttingEdge0502 context menu.

There is the master page and default page. There is a web user control (that contains image button) that is dynamically filled (using FindControl()) by a method on the default page to populate the control and display the items.

What we are having trouble doing is to bind the context menu to the image button on the web user control (because each image has a different number of items for context menu).

The web user control is a public partial class (which contains image button) so from the default page, using FindControl(), we can't access the image button. Which I don't understand because the actual class is public, maybe someone has a good answer for this also??

Would anybody have any good ideas on how to implement the context menu for each image item?